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LAW OF THE WEST (commodore64)

Wskazówki jak rozmawiać z osobami pocz±wszy od sposobu 1:
1.What's it to you punk¶ Hey I seen your face on a wanted poster. I'm takin you to jail son.
2.How's the saloon business doin lately¶ Are they planning something¶ It's OK Rose I'll protect you.
3.You can't believe everything you hear. Well I've heard some thing about you! They say you're a liar and a coward!
4.I try to avoid gunfights if possible. Heard any good rumors lately¶ When¶
5.It's right pretty son but put it away. Put it away or I'll taki it away. That's better.
6.Well is it an important secret¶ Well tell me! It's my job to find out.
7.Yes what may I do for you¶ Sorry ma'am. I was just preoccupied. Just tell me what you have to say.
9.Why¶ What's up¶ Why do you think so¶ Do you thing you can handle it yourself¶
10.Who you callin' a tinhorn¶ What are you so angry about Belle¶ Oh that's a lot of money I'm sorry.

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